Sophia Sobers :: Burning Down The House

‘”Tied Together, Forgotten’ represents my the notion of the home. Aside from being a place that we live in, the home carries many representations in our mind. It contains memories of the places we spent our childhood, specific smells, and sounds. The home is something that we can long for, especially when traveling or moving to a new location. It is a place that we have a certain connection with, a place to always return to.

This piece is an expression of what I envision the ideal essence of home to be in my head: something fertile, something that is always with us, and within us, which carries it’s own baggage and dreams. As with most of my work, I am using plants and creating objects which suggest domestic furniture. I work with this integration of plants in the home, and as part of the home, to emphasize the growth and evolution of our memories of the home and the current state of the home. The other dominant material of this piece, reused and recycled plastic bags, works both on a purely visual level to represent the ethereal, as well as a metaphoric level, to represent the baggage and things we hold dear to ourselves.

While Sophia’s work for the JAC is still in progress, see below for previous installation pieces:


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