Joan Backes :: Burning Down The House

joan_baskes_install3For the past 4 years, the Summer Soirée has wowed party-goers with exhibits such as BIG, showcasing a giant life-size replica of a female African elephant, and PAPER-MADE, featuring exquisite paper artwork from artists around the world. This year, the JAC is on track for another astounding show, with Burning Down The House, curated by Robert P. Stack of Providence gallery, Yellow Peril. Today, meet participating artist  Joan Backes.

“My paternal grandfather was an architect and that is the reason the house form resonates for me. He designed the house that our growing family with four kids moved into when I was a child. I have made many houses: in Sweden I made four houses of wood with the assistance of an American-Scandinavian Fellowship; in Darmstadt, Germany I made a house inspired by the Brothers Grimm and their fairy tales. My parents read their fairy tales to me as a child. I learned that the Brothers Grimm grew up near Darmstadt. I made a permanent installation in Berlin of three house structures. I have built recycled wood trees and a ‘Bamboo House’ in Bangkok, Thailand. Recently I have moved toward Steel and Aluminum houses for their simplicity and minimal qualities.



Joan has installations all around the world. Click the image at the right to see more of them.

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