Brooke Erin Goldstein :: Burning Down The House

brooke“I have always wanted to quilt an entire room ever since I learned sewing and quilting at the age of 9. In this installation I want to be honest about childhood, pleasure and pain, and being vulnerable. The feeling of having all that intrigue and wonder with things being so exciting but also scary and dark at the same time. As a child you have to rely on people, even if it is not the people you would choose. In childhood everything is new and there are all these possibilities, but it is also really painful and dark, you don’t have any control. In ‘All Covered Up and Tucked in Tight’ I want to share that experience, make it vivid for the audience. At some level, that is what it must be like for everybody, at least part of the time.”Brooke Erin Goldstein, participating artist in Burning Down The House opening at this year’s summer soirée

Watch this space for more from Brooke as her work is installed at the JAC! For now enjoy this image of her with the schematics of her artwork!




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