Trifecta Film Night: Self image, Elephants, Music

Senior Project by North Kingstown Students Hailey Cassidy, Sarah Campbell, and Amy Augenstein

Hailey Cassidy: “Loxodonta Sapien” is about the psychological similarities between African elephants and humans. The film aims to explain why this connection is the reason we must strive to protect the elephant species.

Sarah Campbell: “Brainfood” is a short documentary about the benefits of music education and music therapy. It explores the psychological concepts of music and how the human mind plays an active role in creating and interpreting music.

Amy Augenstein: “Internal Mirror” is a short documentary on a study about self image for women. The results of the study show how three girls in high school view themselves vs. how other people see them. The study also examines the low self esteem levels of young females and their struggle to be confident in their own skin.
Free Admission!

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