Short Films of Tension & Turmoil


1st Place – Playback

2nd Place – A tie between The Crop and Back to Earth


BACK TO EARTH (14m) Directed by Thomas Wilson. From Australia. A young man resurrects his recently deceased brother for 12 hours, and they go on one last adventure together.

A BOY’S LIFE (7 m) Directed by Howard McCain. What initially appears to be a portrait of a troubled youth twists to reveal a world gone awry.

THE CROP (15m) Directed by Will Halas. A dying fugitive faces the consequences for his criminal past when he stumbles into a strange, purgatorial farmland and meets an eerie farmer who preaches of repentance.

PLAYBACK (4 m) Directed by Nathan Crooker. When a man’s television mysteriously shows him a brutal murder being com­mitted in his building, a scream from the hallway compels him to investigate.

SEBASTIAN AND THEM (7 m) Directed by Benjamin Bee. From the U.K. Sebastian’s wife is pushing him to leave his childhood friends behind. The only problem is they don’t want to leave him.

SEULE (10m) Directed by Didier Philippe. From France, with subtitles. An agoraphobic woman, living alone in her apartment, discovers evidence that a man is living in her home. More info:

A WAY OUT (14m) Directed by Jason Tostevin. For aging gangster Vic, a ride with his upstart protege becomes a twisted game of cat and moouse when both killers discover the other has been keeping a deadly secret. More info:

YIKES (11 m) Directed by Michael Fodera. A sheltered and struggling young actor receives a call from his agent about an upcoming audition. Soon he begins to see disturbing visions of the immediate future and realizes having this ability is not a welcome gift unless he is ready to do something about it. More info:

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