Flickers: RI International Horror Film Festival presents Providence Underground Film Festival

Experience the local legend of Lizzie Borden at The Jamestown Arts Center. The Festival will screen “Lizbeth: A Victorian Nightmare,” directed by Ric Rebello and after the presentation host a special examination of the film and its subject, often called one of the most infamous crimes in US history. In what should be a “spirited” discussion, the Q&A will feature Lee-Ann Wilbur, the owner of the Lizzie Borden House (Bed and Breakfast), and Stefani Khoori Ph.D., the editor of the Literary Hatchet (A Lizzie Borden Magazine). The evening’s screening will also feature “Fallout,” directed by Derek Dubois (USA), “Serpant’s Lullaby,”directed by Patricia Chica (Canada), and “Feral,” directed by Daniel Sousa (USA).

The Providence Underground Film Festival has become a popular sidebar of the annual Rhode Island International Film Festival in August. The sidebar was created to provide a platform for students and micro-budget filmmakers with independent visions. Unlike what are now considered mainstream “independent” film events, the Providence Underground Film Festival is not designed to imitate established market-driven events but instead to focus on the artistic, aesthetic and most uniquely, the educational side of independent filmmaking. The goal of the programming is to be innovative, original; including lowbrow, experimental, avant-garde and cutting-edge films, while providing an experiential foundation for emerging artists and storytellers. It’s motto: “Tell us your story.”


Fallout | Directed by: Derek Dubois | 15 min. U S A, 2011
Fallout is the story of two brothers struggling for their lives while isolated in an underground shelter.

Serpant’s Lullaby | Directed by: Patricia Chica | 13 min. | Canada, 2014
Few people know the name of the eccentric woman living in the centuries-old mansion just outside of town. Even fewer have seen her face. But everyone has heard the stories. Rumors of a secret garden in her backyard where her children are buried. Some think she is simply a grieving mother seeking solitude. Others believe she’s a cold-blooded monster. When the empty baby’s crib in her home becomes too much for her to bear she ventures out in public, and soon everyone will know the dark truth.

Feral | Directed by: Daniel Sousa | 13 min. | U S A | 2013
A wild boy is found in the woods by a solitary hunter and brought back to civilization. Alienated by a strange new environment, the boy tries to adapt by using the same strategies that kept him safe in the forest.

Academy Award Nominee.

Lizbeth: A Victorian Nightmare
Directed by Ric Rebello | 56 min. |U S A | 2010
On August 4th 1892 a brutal double murder occurred in the New England town of Fall River Massachusetts. A rich Victorian city which held some of the wealthiest people in America. Over One Hundred years later the crime is still one of the most infamous in history. The woman at the center of the crime has become one of the most infamous personalities in American history, her name: Lizzie Borden.

The Filmmaker, Ric Rebelo will be present and host a Q&A. with the owner of the Lizzie Borden House (Bed and Breakfast), Lee-Ann Wilbur and Stefani Khoori Ph.D., the editor of the Literary Hatchet (A Lizzie Borden Magazine).

$10 at the door

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Rhode Island 02835 | for more Information call: (401) 560-0979 or email


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