Luke Randall Multi Media: Art and Invention

Luke Randall’s new work demonstrates an unrestrained flexibility with both materials and ideas. His immersion in the classical and traditional arts give a sense of discipline to work created in an environment of experimentation and innovation. Randall is an artist who has learned to trust his ideas and honor his intuitive impulses.

Randall’s multi media exhibition featuring fine art, craft, and inventive machinery is a collection of work that is without boundaries.  Its diversity demonstrates Randall’s versatility and his ability to work within many forms of expression and with a wide range of materials. His work is informed by 25 years working both as a fine art painter and a tradesman in the decorative arts. These new paintings, black and white photographs, and decorative Tole work all evince classical technique and illustrate his reverence for traditional American craft.  Even his pioneering machines are evidence of his appreciation of form and functionality in the age of industry.

The JAC has amassed a thoughtfully curated collection of Randall’s art and invention from portraits and still-life’s to meticulously hand-dyed hooked rugs.  Randall’s prowess in the world of Decorative Arts has provided a technical platform from which he continues to launch his singular imagination into new multi media work that is both curiously warm and wildly vibrant.

Randall will present a short audio and visual performance piece based on his ongoing involvement with electronics, music and collaboration with other artists.

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