Case Rising

Case Rising
Group Exhibition featuring: Nafis White, Jason Smith, Toby Sisson, Ari Montford, and Bob Dilworth
Curated by Bob Dilworth + Karen Conway
August 21st – September 19th

Toby Sisson, Deconstructed American 1-4, 2019
Encaustic monotype on paper mounted on wood
80”x 120” (8 – 40”x30” panels)
Courtesy of Howard Yezerski Gallery

As we enter a post-Covid-19 era, we are happy to present this exhibition, Case Rising as a contribution to the potential change we hope to see in America. As we live through this defining moment in history we hope the exhibition will stand as a strong testament to Rhode Island’s commitment and resolve to be a part of that change.

Case Rising brings together five prominent New England artists – Nafis M. White, Jason Smith, Toby Sisson, Ari Montford, and Bob Dilworth – featuring significant projects and individual pieces from throughout their careers, as well as new works created for this exhibition, that investigate many of  the challenging issues facing the nation and world today. This specific effort has several themes inherent in the works of each artist. They include, representation of otherness, exploration of access to a conceptualized language of blackness, and a precise visual activity and process that dissect the hybrid racial identities that deepens the conversation on being and belonging,  just to name a few. They highlight a broad spectrum of social issues but specifically define the present historical moment. These and other shared ideas suggest diasporic connections to the exhibition and offer a tiny but significant glimpse into the political, cultural, and racial dynamics of our times. Hopefully, the exhibition spotlights a way forward as it assists in shaping these historical moments and present possibilities of resolution.

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