Baring Threads Closing Reception

An Evening of Textile Inspired Performance
Saturday, April 28th, 7:00 pm


For this night only we are all explorers discovering the connection between fiber and function with artists as our guides. Baring Threads: A Night of Textile Inspired Performances invites audience members to use curiosity to curate their own live performance experience by wandering around the galleries and rooms of the Jamestown Arts Center. Upon Arrival each adventurer will be given a “map” program allowing them to get a loose idea of what will be going on in each room at specific times to help them with the nights exploratory theme.

Artists will be around every corner. Some presenting/performing others literally activating the art off the walls of the gallery.  There will be a few interactive pieces that invite the viewer to be a part of the work. Other live performances are designed to inspire laughter and awe in the eye of the audience members with their sheer beauty, scale and function. Some will be inviting the viewers to ask questions of the artist while they discus their motivations and techniques. Some works combine music and/or dance to bring the textile work to life. The Fiber and Form Movie Theater Room will allow viewers to sit and watch a variety of textile video pieces.

This event will act not only as the closing reception for the Con/textile/ized exhibition that is currently up at the Jamestown Arts Center but it will also bring the ideas in the show full circle. Meaning the viewers will see how changing the context of textiles is what creates intimate connections between the artists and audience not just composition, subject matter and form. This is event is family and kid friendly. There will be light refreshments. There is a suggested donation of $10. No one will be turned away due to lack of funds.


Participating Performers/Artists Include:

Howie Snieder

Ky Why

Emily Furtado

Liz Oakley

Laurie Amat

Ellen Goldman

Sook Kim

Run Sung Lee

Amy Christenson

Anna Shapiro

Andy Russ

Xander Marro

Saberah Malik

Richard Goulis

  1. Gene Thompson

Arvid Tomayko

Brooke Erin Goldstein

Mary-Kim Arnold

Diane Harrison

Kara Dunne

Valerie Ann Phoenix

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