Rhode Island International Film Festival

The JAC will screen eight films over the course of two evenings for the Rhode Island International Film Festival Main Festival Screening

Wednesday & Thursday, August 10th & 11th
Doors at 5:30pm, first film at 6:00pm
Tickets are $10 at the door

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WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 10th: 6:00pm

The People’s Girls (28 min.)
Director Colette Ghunim, USA Documentary

Sexual harassment is a growing problem in Egypt, especially in Cairo. Through a series of interviews and social experiments, The People’s Girls takes a closer look at who is to blame, as well as how women are fighting back.


Sea Gypsies: The Far Side of the World (89 min.)
Director Nico Edwards, USA Documentary

The story of a small group of modern seafaring gypsies, following them as they strike out across the largest expanse of uninhabited geography on earth, in search of adventure, awe and whatever else lies at the far side of the world.


WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 10th: 8:30pm – These are Rhode Island Films

The Missing Chapter (30 min.)
Director Kenny Loubeau, USA Documentary World Premier

This documentary centers around the narratives of Rhode Islanders living on a tenant farm in the 1790s, just after the American Revolution and before the sweeping changes brought by the Industrial Revolution. Set in the eighteen-century historic Coggeshall Farm Museum backdrop, this film takes you on a journey into the lives of the hard-working men and women, not found in history books, who helped build America.


The Passing Season (72 min.)
Director Gabriel Long, USA World Premier

When Sam Alden’s professional hockey career comes to a sudden end, he returns to his hometown and reconnects with a group of buddies who never left rural Rhode Island. Picking up where he left off after high school, he tries to leave his failed career behind and return to a simpler, more exciting time in his life. But recapturing innocence turns out to be more complicated than he imagined, and the harder he pursues adventure and escape, the wider the rift becomes between his youthful dreams and his adult reality.


THURSDAY, AUGUST 11th: 6:00pm

I Am Yupik (18 min.)
Directors Daniele Anastsion, Nathan Golon, USA Documentary

A 16-year old Yup’ik Alaskan boy leaves his tiny village and travels across hundreds of miles of frozen tundra to compete in a basketball tournament and bring pride to his village.


Call of the Ice (104 min.)
Director Mike Magidson France/Greenland, in English Documentary

Leaving everything behind to live in Greenland as an Inuit hunter, alone in the heart of the polar winter, battling with the Arctic ice pack and its laws is Mike Magidson, an American-born film director, who has lived in France for 20 years. Despite being raised with all the comforts that the modern society has to offer, he makes the decision to take on a unique challenge: attempting to survive over a period of several weeks, alone on the ice floe, fishing and hunting like an Inuit. His destination is Uummannaq, Greenland, 300 miles north of the Arctic Circle, and one of the last places on earth where dogsleds are still a valid choice of transportation. Familiar with this part of the world, where he has already made 3 movies over a period of 15 years, he has developed strong bonds within the local community, especially with Unartoq, a legendary hunter who has become his friend and mentor. The Inuits have thrived in the arctic for thousands of years. It is within the wisdom and traditions of their ancestors that Mike finds the techniques, know how and reflexes necessary to his survival. This film is the story of a human journey, a voyage that is as much personal as it is physical, a story about learning,failures and pain, but also victories in the face of adversity.


THURSDAY, AUGUST 11th: 8:30pm

Lost & Found (25 min.)
Director Naomi Iwamoto, USA Documentary World Premier

This short comedy documentary intimately follows three senior women as they cope with the loss of their life partners and attempt to find new meaning in their lives. Anna Torpy, age 90, starts dating for the first time in 50 years; Peggy Padilla, age 84 and a recent widow, finds solace through dance therapy; and Trudy Sivick, age 91, finds lasting companionship in her senior home. A profound portrait of senior widowhood, exploring the delicate question of what happens after losing that person you thought you could never live without, with a few laughs in between.


Gold Balls (88 min.)
Director Kate Keckler Dandel, USA Documentary

This is the world of Ultra Senior tennis. Where octogenarians train like young pros, travel like itinerant rock bands, and actually look forward to getting older, if only every 5 years, when they “age up” into the next competitive category and have relative youth on their side. Through the lens of this unique subculture, the film promotes discussion about what it means to be a champion. It will also ignite broader questions about aging and the unexpected power of a goal.



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