Paul Taylor Dancemaker

Presented in Collaboration with FirstWorks

Paul Taylor Dancemaker

Thursday, December 8th
6:00pm: Reception
7:00pm: Film

FirstWorks and Jamestown Arts Center present a screening of the Academy Award nominated documentary Dancemaker (1998), a vivid group portrait of the iconic choreographer Paul Taylor and his uniquely American dance company as they birth a new work—the scorching, tango-derived Piazzolla Caldera.

Director Matthew Diamond takes audiences on a journey from the stage to backstage and beyond, delving beyond Taylor’s personal creative process and shining a lens on lives utterly devoted to dance. The film follows Taylor’s rise from solitary child to star dancer to master choreographer through historic and contemporary footage of his remarkable creations and the wonderful dancers who have performed them.

Interviews with current and past members of the company give the audience glimpses of the pain, joy, obsession and love that motivate the artists. The film travels with Taylor and Company from the rehearsal studio to an embassy-sponsored tour of India through a strike-threatened Broadway season. And finally, it gets to the core of Taylor’s talent, as he wrestles with the making of a new dance that is the centerpiece of his company’s season and of the film.


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