Art of Protest

Art of Protest

The front of the JAC building has been transformed into a community exhibition space
highlighting protest signs and poster art from Black Lives Matter rallies.

on view now thru September 7th

Featured Artists:
Lisa Barsumian • Jacques Bidon, AS220 • Dan Blakeslee • Carol Chew • Victoria Corey • Ian Cozzens, AS220 • Ryan Dean, AS220 • Becci Davis • Christian Potter Drury • Michael Ezzell, Frog and Toad • Tatiana Gómez & José Menendez, AS220 • Sara Inacio, AS220 • Deb Litchenstein • Peter Marcus • Susie Matthews • Kelsey Miller • Julie Munafo • Obey Giant (Shepard Fairey) • Benny Oliver  • Cedric Smith • Joseph Sands, AS220 • Casey Weibust • Nafis M. White, AS220.

“You can’t help it. An artist’s duty, as far as I’m concerned, is to reflect the times.”   ― Nina Simone

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Rhode Island 02835 | for more Information call: (401) 560-0979 or email


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